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God's country, a place where the men are men and the women are still more manly than the men of Lancashire, producer of some of the finest ale in the land. Speaking as a Yorkshireman, there is no such place as the midlands, there is a north and a south and anywhere below Yorkshire is the south. Leaving Yorkshire, or even going to Leeds, constitutes a foreign holliday and anybody from Lancashire is clearly from the wrong side of the border. Also Sharpe was a Yorkshireman, need I say more? (Actually if you read the books and not watch the films, he was born to a Cat Lane whore in London's Rookeries, and since the books are far better than the films,I believe that the South scores here! Hahahaha!-- A smug southerner)

A collective name for 4 counties to the East of Lancashire.

Home to the KOYLI, PWO, Duke of Boots', Green Howards. And now has a whole regiment named after it. No prizes for guessing what thats called...

Also, a county I once had a shag in.

Location of a renowned Barracks at Wathgill.