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Quite a lovely town in a historical sense yet, like many historical towns, has a dire nightlife. The pinacle of this would be 'the gallery'. Three levels of pure sticky floored, minging females, retarded males, overpriced drinks and poor music on every floor. A risk to anyone's mental health.

Also home to Imphal Barracks, which is the HQ for 15bde and an element of the DVA, a rather odd base with a funny coloured Iraqi tank on it's grounds. The Bde commander lives across the road, a few doors down from the Officers Mess, seems a decent enough chap although he is infantry but is willing to eat curry so can be forgiven.

Next door to Imphal is Yeomanry Barracks which houses one of God's gifts to the Army, the QOY. Behind them there are some algamated Infantry types, who stole the top totty as their AGC clerk type, an ugly UOTC detachment and a medic unit comprised of lot's of welsh people. Why anyone let the welsh spread as far as Yorkshire is a mystery to man and beast but perhaps it's the only place that would take them. Distinct absence of sheep though.

Apart from this you must circle the whole bloody city to get to the A1.