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World War 3

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World War 3 was expected for over 43 years before the Soviets decided not to bother sending the 3rd Shock Army rolling across the German plain after all.

This non-existant war has been the subject of many books, not least the aptly titled "The Third World War" by Brigadier Sir John Hackett.

However... now that The Soviets are no longer the mighty juggernaut they once were and the Warsaw Pact nations are all part of NATO/EC, the war will have to start somewhere else. Currently in the running are China, North Korea and Iran.

So, to sum it all up, WW3 hasn't happened yet, but I promise that as soon as it does I will update this wiki page. I hope you can!

2014 update : Vlad the Interrogator reoccupies the Crimea, on the grounds that Krushchev was drunk when he gave it to Ukraine and hence that doesn't count, declares a Greater Eastern European Co-Prosperity zone consisting of Russia and Crimea and [?] and threatens to bury the EU. US and Britain offer Ukraine their full support etc. NATO and the EU appear to have believed they could expand eastwards indefinitely, and are definitely shocked that Vlad has told them to fuck off from his backyard. Germans say bollocks, we warned them, and achieve world domination with fußballkrieg instead.