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This page is for the best word (preferably a new word) first used in the wiki on the named day. Wish this page had been around when IrishDoris first spluttered Agogment

Disagree with any of those chosen, feel free to choose your own and edit out the old one.

I select the word from a New page created on the day - found Here


  • Monday 01 May

Darth Doctrinus describing Pentwyn gives us:

  • Tuesday 02 May

Goes to Darth again (technically phrase of the day but hey ho)

 Sock Puppet
  • Wednesday 03 May

Goes to Bad_CO for a word well known in Army circles but perhaps less so to our new RP and RR visitors:

  • Thursday 04 May

I feel the award today should go to Theoriginalphantom for the new compound word "cockweasel". This was designed as a term of abuse for certain site members (well, one site member in particular) that could be used in chat and wasn't censored by the filthter.

  • Friday 05 May

Another phrase, this time from Bully although Smooj reckons he heard it first elsewhere ...

Mad as a bottle of chips
  • Wednesday 17 May

From the word factory that is Theoriginalphantom, we are pleased to bring you


Theoriginalphantom also now brings you


the only word to describe his elderly and somewhat useless laptop computer.



the act of being gwar


Life walt

those who only have a pretend life ie its only online