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The Fairer sex. Don't know why they are called that - they can be bloody unfair! Often the source of male confusion because of her mixed signals and illogic. Any man who can actually work out what they want is either missing a Chromosome OR is a bleeding mind reader.

Women often cause men to spend large sums of money. Can be the source of exteme emotional pain and hopelessness. The odd one decides to join the Forces, and is invariably assumed to be a lesbian by those bright sparks we call the general public. This is of course a completely baseless assumption, as even if they are from 56 Signal Squadron there is still a good chance they are just a window licker.

Military Women That is: the WAGS of soldiers. They fall in a separate category. Both military and otherwise. Military women are always one rank up from their boyfriend / hubby. Which leads to them being referred to as Long haired Sunray; DCOS (Domestic Chief of Staff); Long haired general or more directly: C-Home.

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