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Ahh... "Wobbly"
  • Or (more correctly) Warsteiner. A wonderful German pilsner, that is nothing like the German equivalent of Stella
  • Warsteiner was once banned from camp by the SMO of RAF Gutersloh on the grounds that it... well... err... how can I explain this? It was being drunk in 'excessive' quantities by the Erks and thus 'degraded the operational readiness' of Her Majesty's RAF in deterring the Red Menace even though at the time (early 1980s) the Red Menace couldn't have started a bitch slapping session in a girls' school... but hey! We weren't to know.
  • Every time I come back from Germany, my car is usually down on its axles due to the amount of wobbly I bring back. God I miss it.
  • It should be noted that wobbly could also be a Scottish fit of rage e.g. to Throw a Wobbly.
"Wobblies all round "Mein Host!"