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Dangleberries, butt nuts, arse grapes, clag-ons.

The encrusted bits of poo which hang around encrusticating the anal beard, particularly after a long exercise. Much fun can be had picking these, squashing them to release the juicy centre, and then using them as the basis for a slightly insipid skiff. Winnet removal can be a painful process involving the removal of much hair and possibly even drawing blood for the hard men, others stand under the shower or hang their arse over the sink and repeatedly wash their cracks with soap and/or anti-tangle shampoo until the winnets have ceased and desisted.

Splitarses in general do not suffer this problem, unless they are exeptionally hairy beasts.

The ultimate winnet is one which will bridge the gap between the cheeks, and obscure the entrance to B-range. This particular winnet will then grow like a particularly malignant tumour after every evacuation, and will prevent proper wiping, particularly when using Clint Eastwood. This can, in extreme cases, lead to complete obstruction of the chocolate starfish, with all its attendant problems. Removal will result in much wailing and gnashing of teeth, or indeed semi-surgical removal involving a pair of nail scissors.

It is alleged on the wall of the armoury in a certain camp on Salisbury Plain that a Pte Blogs eats winnets from dead men's arses.