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Windsor Davies

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Windsor Davies


Windsor Davies (Aug 1930 - Jan 2019)

Welsh actor and star of several TV series and films, popular on ARRSE for his uncanny portrayals of ferocious British Army Sergeant Majors including BSM Williams in the BBC TV comedy It Ain't Half Hot Mum (IAHHM) from 1974 to 1981. Right then lovely boys, move yerselves, move yerselves! And you Mister la-de-da Gunner Graham. The BSM has shuffled off this mortal coil. Oh dear, how sad, never mind. RIP Sir!


  Shaddap!!; Oh dear, how sad, never mind, and Never before have I seen such a blatant display of poofery!

An ARRSE Legend

Appearing in the Dead Pool during January 2019: ARRSE's favourite BSM passed away at the age of 88. Tributes were paid in his own titular thread, Windsor Davies - RIP where his famous tropes were reprised and hats were doffed to "a good guy" who'd been active on stage and screen from 1962 to 2004. No doubt, he'd have given today's wilting violets and militant queers a heart attack.


Davies the archetypal comedy Sergeant Major had one of the most eloquent moustaches in the business, and the best military catchphrases. A man of many parts in a long career, he's still unfairly typecast by the media for the now shunned IAHHM comedy series which - ironically - the BBC continues to sell on DVD.

ARRSErs lined up to pay their respects; old_fat_and_hairy wrote: Sad that the tv show he was best known for is now in the graveyard of forgotten comedy, thanks to pc sensibilities. Others noted: Melvyn Hayes has just said on the News it’s a shame It Ain't Half Hot Mum is banned in parts of this country due to modern snowflake sensitivity.


  • ARRSEr Slipperman spoke for many, noting that IAHHM - a show about a Royal Artillery concert party stationed in India during World War II - is still shown all over the world, including Burma and India.
  • Compared to some of the shite TV ‘comedy’ screened in the UK today, it is a classic and Windsor Davies’ portrayal of the ferocious comedy Sgt Maj is one of the best TV caricatures ever (Slipperman).
  • A great loss of a fine actor, get the feeling they may show more of him in "Never the Twain" though (northern-matelot).
  • Tributes paid to Canning Town-born actor Windsor Davies; Newham Recorder, January 21, 2019.


Mr Davies was blameless, but IAHHM was deemed too politically incorrect by BBC bosses and OFCOM. Apparently it was deemed "too racist to be repeated". Jimmy Perry (the show's co-writer and an ex-serviceman) noted that the "ribald" series was "too rooted in reality, and that's the problem. Everybody knows what reality looks like, but too many BBC executives and Oxbridge graduates have very little idea of it".


  • Stage and screen actor best known for playing the ferocious sergeant major in the TV comedy series It Ain’t Half Hot Mum; The Guardian.


Windsor Davies, born on August 28, 1930 in Canning Town, London. Died January 17, 2019. Listed on the IMDB.

It Ain't Half Hot Mum (BBC TV comedy):