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White Vests

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The White Vest of Power


A simple item of clothing; but one which renders all other forms of superhero attire obsolete.

What need have these sadistic midgets of outside underpants or black cloaks and bat-masks?

As usual, the British Army gets by on the minimalist approach and simply informs the recipient of the vest that it confers the powers of Hercules upon them, and, lo-and-behold, it does.

Available in a range of trim colours:

  • Red - Army & RM
  • Dark blue - RN
  • Light blue - RAF

When a crown is mounted above the swords, then the wearer is APTC, whereas no crown indicates a unit PTI.

The White Vest of Power is not to be confused with the standard PT vest worn by infinitely lesser mortals. These have the amazing ability to stretch when soaking wet, but shrink to the size of a postage stamp when washed after the assault course session. DO NOT TRY TO EXCHANGE AT STORES!

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