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  • Whisky - Scots spelling
  • Whiskey - Spam/Irish second rate version of the above

The drink which made the Scots and Irish what they are today: a gaggle of brain-damaged, cirrhotic alkies.

Blended Whisky such as Famous Grouse, Bells, Grants - Alkie bait on ice. Single Malts such as Glenfiddich 15 year old Solero (Highly recommended) - A lovely little tipple on ice.

Whisky should ideally be savoured in the siting position, in front of a roaring fire with an appreciative spaniel. Or is that a roaring spaniel and an appreciative fire?

It is also nectar of the gods and please note: I'm well oiled on a fine twelve-year-old right now. :o)

In the event of any jumped up tosspot trying to tell you whether you should drink this neat, with a splash of water, on the rocks etc the correct response is: that there is only one way to drink whisky and that is how YOU enjoy it.