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Wembley Stadium

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Money well spent!

The most expensive stadium ever built in the UK at £778 million. It was years late, beset with problems and almost the first event held there wrecked the immaculate (not fit for purpose) turf.

To compound the cost problems, some fat cats came up with the bright idea of selling a plain 1/4lb burger for £4 and a portion of fish and chips for £12. Funnily the concession stands don't make much money.

At present, the UK has more stadia per square mile than any other nation on Earth. Quite why we need so many has never been explained. Quite why Wembley was necesary has never been explained either (the 'national' stadium is, after all, now in Cardiff), or the other fucking stadia that are being built for the forthcoming Cake and Arse Party known as the 2012 Olympic Games.

Arsenal FC have a perfectly central, world class stadium right next to King's Cross station. It's Harry Spankers too - and fucking enormous - so quite why another was needed at biblical expense is baffling. Needless to say someone did very nicely out of it... probably.

One would think that with so many top class stadia that we'd be a nation of sporting excellence. Au contraire... we're shit... at everything... apart from blind paraplegic snowboarding. At the current rate of growth, every single pub team in the country will have their own 80,000 seaters to play in every Sunday morning.