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Someone from Wales. A nation of poets, scholars, soldiers and sheep-shaggers.

Once an independent nation, they were absorbed into the English Crown back in the 12th century.

A surly celtic people, related to the Scots and Irish, they have their own 'parliament', language and a chip on both shoulders.

Back in the 1970's nationalism ran rampant and many an Englishman's 'castle' (read second home) was torched leading to a slight alteration to the coal marketing board's motto Come home to a real fire ... Buy a second home in Wales.

Currently the younger Welsh generations are a pack of miserable cnuts and appear to be topping themselves at a spectacular rate.

Famous Welsh people include: Chickenpunk, Booboo, Catherine Zeta Jones, MDN, Recce_Cpl' The Lord Flasheart and Brad Pitt (who took his stage name from the mine in the Rhondda where he used to work).

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