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Wellington loaded with emergency rations for Japanese workers in Burma. Note the thoughtful provision of hexy (left) for heating the rations (right)

This is the page for the WELLINGTON Bomber.

If you came here looking for the Duke of Boots, try the Duke of Wellington page.

If you want to know about Wellington boots, try Milletts.

The quirks and capabilities of the WW2 Wellington medium bomber are nicely summed up by the following song:

To the tune of "Bless 'em all":

"Worry me, worry me,

Wellingtons don't worry me.

Oil-chewing bastards with flaps on their wings,

Buggered-up pistons and buggered-up rings,

The bomb-load is so fucking small

Four-fifths of five-eighths of fuck-all,

There'll be such a commotion when we're over the ocean,

So cheer up my lads, fuck 'em all.

They say that the Japs have a very fine kite,

That we're no longer in