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Wheat-based beer, particularly favoured by Bavarians - and preferably in large quantities. The German stuff comes in two major kinds, hell (light) and dunkel (dark).

Mrs Stoat doesn't like normal barley-based beers, but positively loves to chug a blikkie or two of weissbier of an evening. She describes weissbier, particularly the dark kind, as "alcoholic bread in a bottle", and she's probably right. Not that I would say so if she wasn't.

Some varieties, such as the top end of the Augustinerbräu range, are proper falling-over water, coming in 500ml bottles at 7.5% abv.

Since weissbier is essentially bottled bread, drinking too much of it on a regular basis will lead to a Bayerisches Bauch, or 'Bavarian Gut', which is like a beer belly, but far more Teutonically refined.

Belgium produces a substance called witbier, which is somewhat like weissbeer's Beneluxlaan cousin with leukaemia, being somewhat weak of flavour and slightly anaemic.