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Wattisham Moosehunters

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Qualification Badge

A clandestine unofficial RAF organisation consisting of individuals from various trades on camp. The Wattisham Moosehunters existed at a time before the station was handed over to the AAC and their exploits were legendary.

Though based at Wattisham, the raison d'etre of the 'unit' was to provide comfort and emotional support to the 'aesthetically challenged' female population of Suffolk and, as such, operations ranged far and wide in the search for vict... targ... erm... the needy.

After initial reconnaissance, operators were tasked with their target and left to utilise their specialist skills to achieve their goal - often miles from base and often incurring sizable taxi fares.

Operators had to provide some proof of their 'kill' - merely gobbing off in the NAAFI to any mong that was bored enough to listen was not enough. The trophies had to be submitted to the unit's senior administrator - the Moosemeister - for verification and confirmation.

Trophies would variously consist of items of soiled underwear, sound recordings and, on occasion, photographic evidence - quite a task in the pre-digicam/cameraphone era. Photographic evidence was processed at unit HQ (the station's photographic section) and prints were distributed amongst fellow operators for 'training purposes'.

Operators - following selection - were tasked with a mission which had to be completed and verified before award of the qualification badge which was worn on the upper left sleeve of either the DPM or flying jacket. Silver and gold badges - denoting twenty-five and fifty 'kills' respectively - were mooted but were never produced as the station closed down in 1992 and the unit disbanded.

The League of Shaven Maidens

Not content with their usual nocturnal activities, an elite sub-unit of the Moosehunters was formed and existed briefly in the late '80s - their mission to take things one step further. 'The League' were the deep penetration arm and specialised in depilation of their targets - one skilled operator even managing to remove a victim's pubes with her own son's razor! Operators wore blue Bic razors in the pen pockets of their pullovers - much to the bafflement of senior ranks.

Why are you wearing a razor?

I'm a Supplier sir!

Oh... I see.

'The League' operated from 56 Squadron's Cine Processing Complex and a rather popular display greeted the sometimes shocked, but always amused visitors. The uninitiated were met by a tableau consisting of a pressed & starched towel, bulled razors, a large zip-seal bag of pubic hair and a selection of images depicting female genitalia in various stages of depilation. The display was completed by a washing line stretching across the ceiling from which hung dozens of soiled women's panties. Quality!

Perceived by some as twisted perverts and seen by others as heroes, like its parent unit, 'The League' went the same way and was sadly disbanded upon the closure of what was once a very entertaining posting.