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Nestled in the rolling environs of rural Suffolk sits Wattisham. Formerly an RAF station and home to two fighter squadrons of Phantoms, some bright spark at the MoD decided to give it to the Army to play with and it's now home to 3 and 4 Regiment Army Air Corps, and 7 Bn REME. Still, it's better than closing it down I suppose.

The local town is Stowmarket, but the nearest rail head is Needham Market - situated around three miles from camp. Needham sports several alehouses, a curry den and the ubiquitous Chinky. What more do you need? If one really wants to push the boat out, then the fair town of Ipswich is nearby. The local delicacy (brew) is Greene King IPA.

Wattisham was also home of the Wattisham Moosehunters.