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  • A 400th Anniversary Re-enactment of the Battle of Agincourt.
  • A London Railway Station - actually the UK's largest station.
  • A song by ABBA - a popular beat combo beloved of the Gay fraternity.
  • A very good film about the Battle, made by dino De Laurentis in 1970, featuring among many other fine actors, the great John Savident, known to many as Fred Elliot of Coronation St fame. "I say, I say Napoleon is advancing towards Quatre Bras our Ashley"

SPOILER ALERT - Napoleon loses.

Within comfortable travelling distance of SHAPE, meaning that when a group of you enter the visitor centre to buy your tickets, the lady behind the counter will innocently ask "You are all from American army?" thus ensuring storminess from the 2 matelots, 2 crabs and 1 soldier present. Or maybe that was just us.