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Warrant Officer Class One

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The Badge

The highest non-commissioned rank in the British Army. Almost certain to be commissioned as an LE unless they really mess up.

Titles and Appointments

Depending on the capbadge and/or Appointment of an individual they may well have a different title. Some examples of each are:

Cap Badge Specific

The RLC are particularly good at coming up with wacky names for their WO1s such as Conductor!


Two types of these really:

  • Those who are absolutely excellent at what they do! Don't like messing people around unnecessarily but have no problems in doing so when it has been deserved.
  • Those who are those jobsworths, who who mess people around all the time for no apparent reason and come up with bone policies on dress codes and the like just because they've got nothing better to do?

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Junior & Non-Commissioned ranks
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