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Little place in the middle of nowhere with not a lot to do - full of Int Staff Officers.

Home of the RAC Demo Sqn. (Harman Lines) Great posting if you like hard work, great way to get experience in armoured warfare. Has the feel of a Bde HQ with lots of 'other arms' kicking about. Loads of saluting at staff cars if you're walking around.

Small PS NAAFI inside the NAAFI building with lots of bonding between all arms.

There was a great little Irish barber who had a shop in the NAAFI building as well but unfortunately he passed away in 2001.

Town only two miles away so easy enough to walk back if you're out of dosh. Locals not too bad unless the grunts at Battlesbury Barracks are peeing them off. If you're a Donkey Walloper you're usually quite welcome in most places.