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War on Poverty

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Really not sure about this one or how you justify it. It seems the Government defines poverty at having an income less than 60% of the national average. But even with the economy having gone tits up, our poor still seem to be able to afford Sky tv whereas the poor of Zimbabwe have less calories a day than the average chav gets from one alcopop. So poverty seems to fairly subjective.

The 'War on Poverty' seems to involve taxing the fuck out of those of us in jobs (like we have much money left after all the taxing) so the money can be given to a bunch of lazy chav unemployables for them to spend on cheap wine and playstations, put up illegal immigrants for five years, or pay for hate-preaching Islamic Imams' property speculation (exactly how does a no hand 'Imam' buy a £200,000 property while being given £250,000 from the state to pay for his legal aid cause he's broke? Shurely some mishtake?).

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