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War on Drugs

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As far as I can see here...

The war on drugs involves reclassifying certain drugs as 'not that much of a problem' and thus not a crime (and thus not a crime statistic). Other drugs that are a problem are ignored as long as they are taken by beautiful people with surnames like Doherty or Moss or Norton.

We could win the War on Drugs by making all drugs legal and selling them in pubs. Gordon Brown could tax them like he does beer, street crime and property crime would be slashed as junkies would no longer need to steal to feed their habit, terrorism would be denied a huge cash stream, the Taleban would be hamstrung, coppers would have much more time free to catch murderers and rapists and most important of all, Pete Doherty would be just another nobody and we wouldn't have to read about him ever again. The Spams consider Central America a threat to thier society as Mexico is rife with dealers.

Other nonsensical wars: the War on Crime and the War on Poverty