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Wanchors Aweigh

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Wanchors Aweigh details the true story of the Iran Incident, when a boarding party of Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel were incarcerated for a questionable boundary transgression in the Persian Gulf.


The warm sun sparkled on the sea like a million diamonds and the rhythmic slap of the limpid waters of the Persian Gulf on the hull of his RIB lulled Beano in to an almost comatose state. The dulcet tones of Kylie on his iPod serenaded the young cox'n in to a dreamlike trance. Especially for you. Beano smiled and gently slipped in to a deep sleep. The RIB surged onwards, its deck crammed with tough bootnecks, weapons at the ready and eager to board the rogue vessel they were tasked to search - and totally unaware that their cox'n, in the lead boat, was steering them in to danger.

It seemed like hours. The cold muzzle gently lifted his chin off his life jacket and Beano gingerly opened his eyes. 'Hello English pigdog. How your DCI Gene Hunt would say... you're nicked... you slag?' The Iranian Revolutionary Guard laughed as Beano stared down the muzzle of his AK47 and realised that they were in very deep water... and someone else's at that. It was just the beginning.


Though ghost written by top author Cyril Clunge this work was torn to shreds by literary critics and derided by the MoD as nonsense. Nevertheless, this work has proved yet again that Clunge is a tour de force in the world of books and stuff and has become a much sought after classic... allegedly.


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