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The Waltenkommando is a generic all-encompassing term for any ARRSEr who engages in the identification, pursuit, and general tormenting of a Walt. Sometimes abbreviated to WK, the team - which necessarily has no fixed hierarchy and is a true mission-led organisation - has claimed many notable scalps over the past 3 years, including that of Caubeen, Richie C and perhaps most famously Mike Golden.


Anyone on ARRSE may join the WK on an 'as-and-when' basis or as a full time Operator. All that is required is a keen sense of justice in order to sniff out the Walt in his lair and the determination and perspicacity to both see the job through and to remember to let the rest of the WK know before termination procedures commence. The Waltenkommando is commanded by the Waltfinder General.

The All Informed Net

The best way is usually through the time-honoured mechanism of starting a thread in the NAAFI or alerting everyone interested in the dedicated thread 'A Walt for all Seasons; - all walt threads here' which is already in the NAAFI.

Friendly Forces

Just be aware that there are a number of shadow entities out there that are 'Friendly Forces'* and should be cooperated with if spotted.

* Note for Americans - 'Friendly Forces' = 'Do Not Shoot' not 'Oh good, I'll summon an A-10.'