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Walt Finder

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We're watching you

Highly skilled individuals, Walt Finders are the elite recce element of the Waltenkommando appointed by the Waltfinder General to combat the burgeoning problem of Walting, by seeking the perpetrators out and exposing them for the sad cretins they are.

Almost exclusively recruited from 49 Para and specially selected for their acutely tuned senses, a skilled operator can spot an incorrectly mounted medal at 100m and can hear the words 'When I was Boz' at similar distances.

When a 'kill' is sensed - or 'pinged', the operator will swiftly move in and quietly inquire as to the nature of the 'contact's' service - often leading the contact in to an even deeper hole by faking awe and incredulity.

Depending on operational circumstances, this can last minutes or up until closing time, before the target is challenged. This is usually done by asking the contact's 'last three'. Invariably, this question will be met with a quizzical look and the exclamation 'Last three what?'

OPSEC prevents any further elaboration of details concerning Operation Mitty.

See also Walting With Confidence and Walts.

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