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Wales UOTC

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Wales University Officer Traing Corp [WUOTC] is the second largest OTC (2). WUOTC draws from five different locations across Wales: Cardiff, Swansea, Aberystwyth, Bangor and Wrexham. WUOTC is based at Maindy barracks, Cardiff.

WUOTC trains 90% of the time at Sennybridge, and thus can boast been the most hardcore (1) of UOTCs - a fact further illustrated by the fact that WUOTC normally has the highest number of OCdts from any UOTC pass out of Sandhurst from the reserve commissioning course!!!!!!

WUOTC is split into two Companies:-

  • Ypres:- Formed from the southern Detachments:

Cardiff - The largest and obviously the best detachment of the OTC.Has a laregly unfounded reputation for being unsociable and cliquey. Majority of Cardiff are a bunch of CNUTS as they tell the other dets that because Cardiff Uni is a Russell Group they're better then everyone else.

Swansea - Often mistaken by the northern dets as Cardiff Det. The only way to tell the difference between Swansea and Cardiff is that Swansea det is more sociable and are found to be first in and last out of any bar.

  • Mametz:- Formed from the Northern Detachments:

Bangor - They keep to themselves, accepting the malnourished children of Wrexham into their folds for weekends. Often found in the Bangor Iron Circle, they don't comunicate with other detachments. Tend to accept fourty people in the initial intake, when they have eleven places available.

Wrexham - A small detachment, basically Bangor but from English universities. Not many people in the Southern dets know they even exists.

Aberystwyth is between the two, and no one really knows their true allegiances. 80% of the time Aber will turn up drinking or drunk, then will spend another 10% complaining about the lack of alcohol around.The remaining 10% is actually focused on training.

Recent achievements include being awarded a silver, and then the following year a gold in Cambrian Patrol. We also came second in the Queens cup (2016)

There is plenty of friendly rivalry going on between the companies, it has to be admitted - only Aber would appoint someone who shat his bed to be CSM! (3)  

General opinions over Aber and Bangor seem to have reversed since my first year - the 'sh1t-eater' title is often inferred upon the boys from Cardigan Bay.


The companies are the main difference between WUOTC and most others, they are very spread out and relatively independent compared to other OTCs. On top of this ModAs and Bs in each company all train and socialise together.

Cardiff Company is the largest and the HQ company and is known for being unsociable and aloof, Cardiff also have the advantage of having all the support staff on their doorstep as well as better access to stores etc , however due to their large size they are often short of kit. Cardiff is also well known for hosting the best socials, as well as winning inter Det competitions. Recent budget restrictions have meant many mod A's are thrown out, even if they complete the minimum required.

Swansea is the second largest and being only an hour or so from Cardiff there is a close relationship between the two as they turn up to cardiff on some drill nights then disappear 1hr later! (also helps due to the annnuel Swansea vs Cardiff varsity). Swansea as a detachment has a reputation for having a good set of NCO's and staff. As well as being very active.

Aber has suffered from having a reputation for producing weirdos and for scaring off any females that join, 'all the gear and no idea' appears to be the maxim. They are too far from Cardiff to see the HQ staff more then once a year. Majority of training carried out by 3rd years, who have a maximum experience of TACC. Aber seems to frown upon those not wanting to be an Inf officer, who has sights set on that VC, whilst strutting around campus wearing a lot of North Face and telling the girls about how they 'smashed' the phys (NB this always fails and their love life records is a Who's Who of singletons)

Bangor is the smallest and traditionally the closest of the companies. Based six hours from Cardiff and five hours from the training area at Sennybridge they are the most independent and are known for arriving late. Having more travelling time they will arrive when everyone else is in their pits so will generally go with less sleep for the weekend.

Wrexham, bit of a failed experiment, more Platoon in size, recruiting into WALES UOTC from ENGLISH colleges and small Unis, turn up well into the night with about 6 bods and no inclusion so just fold into Bangor 99% of the time

The detachments all have their own traditions (Aber for example wear their dragons with the tails down although other Companies are starting to copy this without even knowing what it signifies) and their own identities. The introduction of the TASO scheme has added a strange mix of cap badges from TA units all over the country so a parade of the whole WUOTC is dotted with green, blue, brown, and maroon berets. WUOTC wears Khaki infantry berets as general issue. Due to the spread out nature of WUOTC, it has evolved into a unit much closer to a TA infantry battalion than an OTC (minus the professionalism), there is little special to arms training 90% of what the OTC does being light infantry on Sennybridge.

Overall WUOTC is what you would expect from the Welsh - pretty tough and hardcore, able to hold a lot of booze, focused on green training and Phys, with a pretty awesome social life...


Note 1. The idea that UOTC's are in any way 'hardcore' outside the imaginations of their membership may be completely discounted. It's a drinking club for students.

Note 2. With the exception of LUOTC of course, as "they're bigger than us" - but useless so...

Note 3. Our CSM was not appointed because he 'shat his bed', he was appointed because he shat himself on his way to his bed. I hope this clears things up.

Note 3. Note 1. is very, very true.

Note 4. Not only is Bangor populated by coprophiliacs, they also breed asexually. They truly are the scum of the earth.