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RAF Waddington is a large-ish RAF hub in Lincolnshire. Among other things, it is home to part of the Air Warfare Centre, 5(AC) Sqn and lots and lots of AWACS. It is also home to the Air Battlespace Training Centre (ABTC) which is host to Ex MOUNTAIN DRAGON.


This exercise is the only exercise of its kind in the world. In very simple terms, it links a shitload of aircraft simulators and emulators together, manages them all in realtime airspace, and allows a ground callsign to practice airspace management, terminal control and coordination of surface fires.

It is - by any stretch - a real wake-up call for BG Joint Fires Cells and their associated TACP and has been described as 'the best training anywhere' by a whole host of people who have been melted down in the building.

Access to the compound is limited as it is a Secret - 2 Eyes system but if you want to visit, just call them up and see what can be arranged. Exercises run several times a year and are organised around the schedule of the Op HERRICK Brigades and their Joint Strike teams in particular.