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Warrant Officer

A Soldier who has risen through the ranks, holds a Royal Warrant and is entitled to be addressed as "Sir". They come in two varieties:

  • WO2 - The rank is Warrant Officer Class 2

The job (or Appointment) varies: Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant RQMS is the senior WO2 appointment and normally destined to be 'God' (see below) in the Infantry. In the Corps, the RQMS may reach WO1.

Squadron Sergeant Major (SSM) in the Corps and Cavalry; Company Sergeant Major (CSM) in the Infantry; Artificer Quarter Master Sergeant (AQMS) in the REME; Battery Sergeant Major (BSM) in the RA; and the fabled QMSI in the RE .

  • WO1 - The rank is Warrant Officer Class 1

The job (or Appointment) also varies: Normally a Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) (but also includes others, such as Artificer Sergeant Major in the REME), who effectively IS God as opposed to merely standing next to him. The most senior WO1 posts are the Academy Sergeant Major at Sandhurst, the Garrison Sergeant Major for London District and the Guards Garrison. The most senior of all WO1s are the Conductors of the RLC - who are some of the VERY VERY FEW folk able to tell God (i.e. the RSM) to piss off... and get away with it.

A member of the Sergeant's Mess, the WO is the archetypal all-round piss artist, and is typically fearless - especially if they are turned down for an LE Commission.