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WFM - Whole Fleet Management

What is it ?

A change management programme across the British Ministry of Defence.

Whole Fleet Management (WFM) is a change program being introduced across Defence – it is a Tri-Service programme.

The introduction of WFM was mandated for LAND by the Executive Committee of the Army Board in 1999.

Intent is to manage our Land vehicle Fleet in a smarter way, particularly in view of reducing future fleet sizes.

The aim is “Provide the right equipment, with the right capability, at the right time in the right place in the right quantity to enable mission success”

WFM is closely linked to the new Management Information System and business change initiative called JAMES – Joint Asset Management & Engineering Solutions.

JAMES Land Increment 1 will for the first time give commanders Global visibility of the fleet of vehicles and certain other items of equipment.

Interim Whole Fleet Management is now being implemented in the Army.

First Brigade to operate WFM is 102 Log Brigade.

This is not just another G4 Logistics-driven initiative: it will affect every operational vehicle user in all three Services and encompasses everything from Challenger tanks to Operational Field Catering Systems.

The NEXT Army units to move to managing their kit under WFM will be 4 Armd Bde, followed by 20 Armd Bde.

What it isn't

Although WFM will eventually cover the Navy - predominantly the Royal Marine vehicle fleet - it is nothing to do with ships.

Where ?

The WFM IPT was originally set up at HQ LAND in Wilton with a parallel presence lodging within the DLO at Andover. The Director WFM ( currently a civilian one star) sits in Main Building alongside DCI(A), as the current Senior Responsible Officer for the programme is the Assistant Chief of General Staff.

Who ?

ACGS Maj Gen Rollo is the current Senior Responsible Officer for WFM, but this will pass to Chief of Staff (Support) at HQ LAND in 2006


Good question, well asked. All the zippy mission statements, Key Messages and semi-consultancy speak which emanates from the Adminisphere boil down to this:

We have not been able to look after the 65,000 strong LAND vehicle Fleet as well as we would have wished to - commitments,workload, culture, manpower,money.

There has to be a better way.


In addition to the 24 articles which have been produced on WFM and related topics (the latest being Soldier Magazine, June 2006 p.39 ) there are two websites up and running - one on the RLI and another on the Internet.

Links are:


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