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WAG - Wives And Girlfriends

... of footballers. Abhorrent, vile, vacuous creatures who spend vast sums of money on clothes/handbags/girly items. Famous for nothing, yet they are the idols, role models and the envy of chavettes and general Housing Estate Trash. They are much lauded by readers of OK!, Hello! and just about every other waste of rainforest excuse for a shyte magazine available.

WAGs spent the World Cup partying and boozing, and irritating everyone including the players. Money is their God and they have immense sums of it at their disposal. Oddly, and despite this, they are lacking in sartorial elegance - preferring to swathe themselves in Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and Yves St Laurent etc. Proof indeed that money cannot buy taste. Colleen would, however, get her Back Doors kicked in most certainly. Oh aye!

Prominent WAGS are:

Personally, I have never understood the term Wife And Girlfriend. Surely it should be Wife Or Girlfriend....