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Volunteer Decoration

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Volunteer Decoration


An oval wreath in silver, suspended from a silver ring. In the centre are the letters 'VR' (Victoria Regina) surmounted by a crown, all in gold. Edward VII issues bore the appropriate cypher (EVIIR). Colonial and Indian Army recipients had a slightly diffeternt medal, with the VR cypher being replaced by one with the letter VRI (Victoria Regina Imperatrix).


There was no provision for a bar for incremental service.


Dark green suspended from a floreated brooch integral to the award.

Qualifying criteria

Awarded to officers who had twenty years' service in the Volunteer Force and selected auxiliary forces overseas. Ten years service in the ranks counted half.

About the award

The Volunteer Decoration was created in July, 1892 to reward 'efficient and capable' officers of the Volunteer Force. In 1894, it was also extended to Colonial and Indian Army officers.

The short-lived VD was replaced by the Territorial Decoration (TD) in 1908 after the Volunteer Force was amalgamated with the Imperial Yeomanry to form the Territorial Force (TF) during the Haldane Reforms.

The TD was little different in overall appearance apart from the addition of a central yellow stripe - the same basic design being used up until the introduction of the Efficiency Decoration in 1930.

Carries the postnominal letters VD. Fnarr, fnarr!

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