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  • Hairy Neanderthal-type Norsemen from Scandinavia, who (contrary to popular belief) did not actually have a penchant for horns on their helmets. Responsible for pillaging and raping most of England's East coast in the time before iPods (although looking at the current residents, I think they kidnapped all the better looking women. Also explains why Scandinavian women are all hotties!). Did a great line in monastery burning too. Discovered Spamland but like the sensible people they were, they left it alone.
  • Space probe-type-thing launched in to the cosmos in the 1970s.
  • Civil airliner variant of the RAF Valetta transport aircraft of the 1950s.
  • Viking T1 glider in service with the RAF/ATC.
  • Polite way of referring to cnuts (in honour of the historical king of the same name).