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Their flag

Lots of little farmers with sticks beat the military 'might' of the USA. Most stubborn buggers on the planet, known to have repelled the Chinese, Mongols, Chinese (again!), French as well as the US and A.

Had their own version of Them too, known as the Đặc Công (special reconnaissance and demolition troops). Comes in land, sea and airborne as well as antiterror flavour. Gave the US Special Needs forces, Green Beret and SEALs a good shoeing during the Vietnam War along the Hồ Chí Minh trail.

Neither communists or capitalists despite what they say. Realpolitik means today they could bezzer with us, the next morning they are tagging along the North Koreans crossing the DMZ.

Represented by a pin on the map of French surrenders.

Once a hangout for Gary Glitter.

See also Vietnam War and Yet Another Occasion When The Slovenly Frogs Were Given A Richly-Deserved Slapping.

alternatively and less violent

Memorably Clarkson, Hamster and Captain Slow drove the length of Vietnam on clapped out motor bikes .. apart from Clarkson who drove a moped... badly!

Travelling there?

Food, alcohol and tobacco are generally cheap (especially water pipe known as thuốc lào - pronounced 'thwoock laos'). Tropical climate means the place is hot and humid. Be aware of diarrhea and malaria in the country, especially to the countryside and mountainous area.

Bordering with Laos, Cambodia and China, and most of the country as well as these neighbouring countries can be reached on a motorbike (travelling to the northernmost area bordering with China are not advised as there are border dispute/anti-smuggling operations and the guards could be extremely paranoid)