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Started life as the Humber Pig in Northern Ireland and used to get ATOs to an IED without being shot at. As time has moved on EOD have used Ford Transit vans from the late '70s until the mid-'80s.

Started life as 3.5 ton vans, then added makrolon armour up to 7 tons, but forgot to upgrade the brakes, consequently used to be seen in ditches throughout the province. These were replaced by the Leyland-DAF V8 vans (sexy engine).

And finally the late 1990s saw the introduction of the Leyland-DAF 45 - a souped-up 7.5 tonne truck. This was percieved by some as the biggest let down of EOD.

[And here's me thinking that the biggest 'let down' would be getting blown in the opposite direction, i.e. up!]