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Date Joined 21 May 2005
Posts 1578
Location Middle England. Harrumph, harrumph.
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  • A delightful creature from over there who now resides over here, although some of us see it as down there, but she reckons most of the rest of ARRSE is up here - though not above her, if you see what I mean - so we're all in the same place as far as agreement on that one's concerned. Which is good.
  • Famed for her ability to tune in to exactly what the British Army Squaddie really wants, perhaps her greatest contribution to ARRSE so far is the Pubic Topiary thread. Little wonder then that her name has become synonymous with something else: as in, "I'm just off for a Tankies..."
  • An ARRSE advocate for Americans who don't post gun porn, don't think Dubya is neat-o, and don't shout at people in English when visiting foreign countries.