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Funny, Handsome and all round top bloke. The women love him and the men want to be him.

His only downfall in life is the fact that he's a STAB and, therefore, not a proper Soldier and is a gobby cnut.

Despite what some of them say. Is universally loved by the 'maidens'. Most of them get moist in the panty region when they see a PM from him, or he enters the chat room.

If you want to comment on me, then please do. However, please use your real user names (I know which dull group the StabTiffy Stalkers come from) and do so on the Discussion Page. Thanks.

Is secretly the brains behind Adolf's Grand Plan:


See Listy is there as well

with those ears, should really have joined the Royal Signals as Radio reception detector

Stabby has apparently had sex with someone and produced offspring. I don't think it's true. I reckon she shagged the milkman, no-one could be that hard up. Sluggy xxx (You knows I loves ya)


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