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Rabid Hams
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A Regular contributor to the Wiki with delusions of humour. Spelling and grammar have proven deficient (as pointed out by more literate arrsepedians) however blame placed squarely on the shoulders of Mrs Thatcher for stopping his free school milk in the 70's.

Harmless unless he's been at the Stella when he magically turns in an opinionated, gobby cnut. In this state he is likely to lose control of his outrage and 'may' (read 'will') offend mewslims, pikeys and lefties.

Occasional poster on the forums under the username rabid_hamster.

Promoted to Wiki Sysop, Rabid now wears his pants outside his trousers although this has more to do with a shiite memory than Wiki superpowers. Enjoys his block/protect/delete powers just a little too much - see DeleteMeister.

Allegedly a member of a shadowy organization called the Secret Order of Capybara - a rodent fixated cult which seeks world domination and ultimate power ... or this may just be drunken pish to disguise an unhealthy obsession with beavers.

Owns an increasingly large number of swords. This has now extended into bows as well. No-one is quite sure what he intends to do with all this medieval weaponry so best to agree with him especially if he's been on the Stella (and has a long and/or slightly lumpy bag with him).

On his ascendancy to 4000 edits, Hamster allowed himself a small sherry in celebration before he went back to drinking himself senseless to ensure that Jacqui 'Stasi' Smith's mind reading rays were only picking up static.

While he has shown no overt sign of Waltism so far, Rabid is getting on a bit. Can't be long before he grows a set of SF Mk1 handlebars, displays his huge collection of ebay purchased medals and starts talking about his time in Aden/Korea/Falklands/Iraq down the pub. The 1000 yard stare may already be in evidence although he may just have fallen asleep with his eyes open again.


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