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How sad is that?

Co-producer of the great ARRSE Chat Porno along with that other purveyor of absolute filth Papa Lazaroo (that is a compliment you understand)

FB says "it isn't porn, it's artistic"

Rumours continue about the donkey - an unfortunate leftover from the great ARRSE Chat Nativity Play - and Fluffy himself. That may just be a rumour started by Abacus of course...

FB also says, contrary to the image you may have from the user name, he is not a burd, but actually a fat, hairy-arrsed bloke with piles, BO and poor oral hygiene.

Anya1982 - We have to be thankful for your efforts towards the great arrse chat 'film' roles that you have placed on our great souls!

Gillylady - A true purveyor of the feminine form, has class, taste & an inkling for pot noodles when the aforementioned feminine forms are not available

IrishDoris - A fine fellow of a man. Soon to be part owner of the ARRSE Gentlemen's Club. All new female employees will be vetted personally by the man himself.