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Who he?

Handsome regular of the site, known for Airbumming, sexual deviancy and cooking with square plates. Formerly known as DavidCameron, JesterRIP and TheresaMay prior to that - BJ has been around since 2005 in one form or another, quietly sitting on the sidelines (often during the working day, with the site usually minimized to avoid suspicion that he is indeed one lazy waste of oxygen, skin and rations). Occasional moderator and referee of totally pathetic and politically obsessed trolls who head-dob the site with their petulance long into the early hours of Sunday morning.

Dirty BAT

In recognition of master airbumming status, he sports a 'DirtyBAT' banner, created by The Lord Flasheart to mark the rivalry that exists between Squawks and Aviation REMEs. Along with Fugly and Verticalgyro who are often found swapping dits in the NAAFI, generally relating to tales involving Arborfield, Wokingham, Reading, drink, vomit, slappers, urban escape and evasion, or all of the above.

Prime Minister

Not to be confused with the real Prime Minister of course. Unlike the PM, the ARRSE BJ is not a Tory (despite the username), but simply votes for the one he thinks will do the least amount of damage - think Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump - 300 million people and these two are the best you could come up with?