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Welcome to My Page. Please put new messages at the end. Please note that I might reply on this page, or I might reply on your own talk page. If you have a preference for where I reply, please let me know. You might get a faster response by Pm'ing me, since it isn't always easy to keep up with conversations on a wiki. Please leave your tags and time stamp - it will help me keep track of what's going on! Thanks!
Date Joined 10 January 2005
Posts On all 3 Sites? Does she ever!
Location Some where in Cyprus wondering!
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on the ARRSEpedia.
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Anya has left her home land of England and headed for the sandy shores of Cyprus, whether or not that is a good thing, time will tell! Where as she is ready to jump in the deep end and catch an easy bite, don't blame her, even though she is a gwar she does have a few blonde tendencies. Can also be considered part of the ARRSE-Maiden clan and occasionally found to being tubby in ARRSE Chat with PartTimePongo but only for those sparkly blue shoes!! Honest!

Sun, sea, sand and well I couldn't tell you the other one!

Ever in Cyprus drop her a line, Anya will never say no to a night out on the raz! Bonus is, she knows all the places where you could get a good discount!

PoisonDwarf: I agree, she is clearly really easy to wind up, but at least had the bottle to publish the hyperlinks to her own web profiles etc so we can (and rightly so) give her chunky anti-gwar abuse. Decent cans though, as evidenced by her Yahoo page (the photo didn't work on its own)

Nice lady, Cyprus is a nice place to have visiting friends!

Filbert_Fox She does have a cracking set of lungs on her, theres no denying that!!

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