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To become a registered user of ARRSE you need to complete the registration process. Having done this you will be able to log in every time you visit.


Users are able to:


There is a ranking system currently in operation that is based on the number of posts that a user has made. This is also tied in to the medals system.

Famous (and Infamous) Users

There have been many users who have gained a degree of notoriety in their time including:

  • Blondebint - although it would appear no longer an active user she continues to be one of the most talked about users the site has had...
  • Leanne - another user who it would appear is no longer with us. She livened up the site with her constant innuendo and straight talking!
  • Auld Sapper - handler of the legendary Stumpy immortalised in one of the longest running threads on the site.
  • MDN - famous or notorious .....
  • LNV - A colonial now deceased- LadyNavyVet certainly made the headlines
  • RTFQ - Story-teller par excellence! See NAAFI 'Sticky' Pardon My Erection
  • Eve1962 - Filed under dullards by many of the Old School. Seems to have settled for the quiet life by keeping recent posts to serious forums rather than the NAAFI
  • The BFG - Keeps us all upto date with the Cortege at Wootten Bassett in his Wootten Bassett Cortege Thread, for those who want to pay their respect to our fallen soldiers

Random Users

If you are going to edit one of these users then please put them in the Category of User by adding the following text at the top of the page: [[Category:ARRSE User]]

Anya1982 Armourer A team lewis AWOL AF1771
BFG 9000 Beanz Bernoulli Biscuits A_B Biscuits_Brown
BlackHand Blessed Baby Cakes Boney_m Babyblue Captain_Crusty
Chickenpunk COatELMPT Cutaway Cynical Subbie Cait
Darth_Doctrinus Darth_Fokker Disco DozyBint Dale the snail
Duck Dodgers Dui-Lai Filbert_Fox Firestarter Flowers
Forces_Sweetheart Gado Galgenberg General Melchett Geordie_Pride
Ghostie Goat Bag The Druid Golf_one_one Goku Gravelbelly
Greengrass Grumbleweed Gutaway Herr Doktor IrishDoris
Is Ski Geek lancesargeantjonesy lawstudent Listy Little Jack H
Liz the nurse Lucky Jim manchestercop Mighty_doh_nut Moodybitch
Mooch NetleyNurse Officers Bird Oneshot Operator
Pangur Ban PartTimePongo Pensionpointer Polar69 PoisonDwarf
Pomps Rocketeer Roxygirl Sabre Sarge
Semper StabTiffy2B Supertrooper TheBull140 tigerbaby
Tricam Trolly Dolly Unknown_Quantity Ducati916 Mereminx

Multinational users

We have a sizeable proportion of overseas visitors on ARRSE. Without a doubt, the noisiest hail from The United States of America, the most irritating and inaccurate from India.

Scary Users

That small group of Arrsers who seem to be consumed by an unquenchable inner rage, and who march to a drumbeat only they can hear..

doorbundle_mk2 Biscuits A_B The monk

Sock Puppeteers

Sniffle Snaffle Bonney Eberndu

Oxygen Thief


Occasionally, a user may fall foul of the ARRSE Rules & Regulations and will be deemed to have sunk lower than a low thing - he/she/it will then receive the dubious accolade of being identified as an Oxygen Thief.

Additionally, users may be 'awarded' the infamous Motif d'Thief Oxygene (or 'tags' as they are coloquially known) for deliberately and intentionally provocative behaviour, racism or simply for being a mong.

Essentially, you can be tagged for virtually anything.

Wiki User Information

Usernames on the wiki are not the same as those for the other parts of the site (see above). They are used by the wiki software when it monitors changes to individual pages. If a page is edited by someone who isn't a user then the IP address is recorded instead. To create a wiki user or to log in you should go to the registration page.