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Useful Foreign Phrases

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Choice obscenities for Deployments.

F*ck Beaconsfield, I can meet all your foreign-language requirements right here.

Need to know how to say "I spit on your Mother's Snatch" in Farsi?

Want to be chased through the Main Gate by machete-wielding cabbies on three continents?

If so, then you have come to the right place...

1. Arabic.

Airi Fe Sabahak = My dick on your forehead

Be kam foloose min chen bint segera = How much for the little girl ?

Fatah = Foreskin (considered a grave insult)

Zabourah = Penis, Cock, Dick

Enti jameel bil burkha = You look great in a burkha

Ibn sharmuta = Your mother's a whore (or, by extension, you're a bastard)

2. Gaelic.

Focáil leat = Fuck off

Bí ‘do thost = Shut up

Téigh trasna ort féin = Go fuck yourself

Díul mó bhad = Suck my dick

Tá tú glan as do mheabhair = You're crazy

Táim ag teacht = I'm cuming

Is cuma liom sa diabhal = I don't give a damn

Dúil mo bod = Suck my dick

Damnú air! = Shit/damn it!

3 German.

Affenschwanz = Monkey-dick

Hau ab, Du Pfeife = Take a hike, dick

Wichser = Wanker

Ich finde Dich Scheiße =I think you're shit

arschloch = arsehole

arschficker = arsefucker

4. Persian. Be prepared for Dubya's next outing..

Kosefil - Elephant's Cunt kosskesh - pimp coony - Faggot kesafat - you dirty piece of shit

beshoor - no brained

madar kharbeh - mother fucker

an - diarhhea

kos-khol - sex crazy

amale - dirty piece of shit labor worker

khar - idiot

an damagh - booger

khange khodah - screw-up of god

antareh gav - "annoying cow"

bee-sharaf - [bad insult] Gendeh - Bitch or whore Pedar Sag - Your father is a dog Khar Coste - Your sister is a bitch Mardar Sag - Your mother is a dog

5. Russian. Please be careful with these: I do not want starting WW3 on my conscience.

Sooka = Bitch/traitor/whore

Yob tvoiu mat' - Fuck your mother

poshol na khui - Fuck off

kooshite govno ee oomeeite - eat shit and die

ya eemay-you o-chen balshoy jol-ty hoy - I have a big yellow dick

govno - shit

bliad - Oh shit or whore

Khui - cock

manda - cunt

sraka - an ass

mudak - an asshole

govniuk - shithead

Khuyesos' - cocksucker

6. Serbian. (For sheer f*cking weirdness, you can't beat these with a stick.)

Ni vreden pol kurca!= You ain't worth half a cock!

Ne vrediš ni pola pizde vode!= You ain't worth half a cunt of water!

Majku mu ga!= Fuck your mother!

Jebem ti majku!, Jebem ti miša! and Jebem ti kuću poganu!= Fuck your mother! fuck your rat! fuck your infidel house! ( I think you really have to upset somebody to catch that little lot....)

And to finish off, a saying, although I am not quite sure in what context you would use this:

Naše sreći nigde kraja, grobari nam ližu jaja!= There's no end to our luck, the gravediggers are licking our balls!

It must be a Slivovitz thing.

7. Spanish.

Cago en tu leche = I shit in your milk

Hijo de la gran puta = Son of a great whore

Pinche pito de pitufo = Fucking smurf dick!

Beso negro = Rimming (lit. Black kiss)

Polla (poya) = Dick... Hmm, Last time I was in Spain, Pollo meant Chicken. Chupa la Polla = Suck my cock.. you mean suck my chicken? Reply: Notice the change in gender. Many a language student has popped in to the butchers, got his genders wrong and asked for large cock. That said, I guess that is significantly less embarrassing that asking a chick to suck your chicken, as you've pointed out. Here's another one:

Cojones (kohone ez) = Bollocks, but Cojines = Cushions and Cajones = drawers (as in 'chest of'). A minefield. And they say it's easy. Or, Conejos = rabbits. Having large rabbits is not considered a compliment in Spanish, unless you're a farmer.

Coño (connyoh) = Cunt, although reaonable acceptable in Spanish. A bit like fuck and can be good or bad.

Maricon = Gay

Españoletta = Tit wank.

por el Culo = up the arrse.

Culero = Male homosexual.

Tortillera, manflor or marimacha = Female homosexual. (Regional differences, but if the bitch won't dance with you, go ahead and let loose...she'll get the message no matter where she's from.)

Culo del Mundo = Northern Ireland

Pajero = Wanker (which causes no end of amusement when someone drives by in a Mitsubishi Pajero)

de Puta Madre (of the mother whore) = by gosh pedro, that really is rather good. eg "dees Man Fat and Glow Beans eess de Puta Madre".

Puticlub = Brothel / Strip joint. Don't exist in a good Catholic country of course.

Vaya por chingada! = Go fuck yourself.

8. Turkish.

Pushti Malaka = Gay mother f*cker.

Seekteer git = fuck off

sik kafali = dick head

ibne = queer

pezavenk = pimp

amjik = pussy

Ladies and Gents, getting key local phrases weighed off demonstrates good "soft" skills.

Even the surliest of locals will break out into a winsome, gap-toothed grin when, in his native tongue, you aver that he sucks on his Mum's Lady-cock...

9. Dutch.

Jij bent een klootzak - You are an arsehole.

Ik ben geil! = I am horny.

Ik wel ja de hele nacht neuken zodat ze morgen niet meer kan lopen! = I am going to fcuk you all night so that you won't be able to walk in the morning.

Naar het hoer huis alstublieft (AUB) = Go to the whore house please.

Mijn vriend wilts U betalen. = My friend will pay you.

Je moeder heeft een snor = Your mother has a moustache

10. Pashto. For that moment in Helmand when you just gotta scratch that offensive itch. Southern/Kandahaari dialect.

Ta zmaa shadze uus yai = You're my wife now

Mutak = Wanker

Sta mor spay da = Your mother is a dog

more to be added...

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