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Umboto Gorge

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Scene of a battle fought in 1892, variously called Umboto Gorge or Mboto Gorge.

Revisionists would suggest that the Battle of Mboto Gorge was fought between the might of the British Army and the peace-loving Pygmies of the Upper Volta, and ended with the massacre of the Pygmies and theft of their fruit.

However, the actual facts are that there were 10,000 Watusi warriors, armed to the teeth with Kiwi Fruit and Guava halves, a lethal combination in those far-off days.

Notable among the brave acts that day was the saving of Gen Sir Douglas Haig from a viciously sharpened mango slice by none other than Capt E Blackadder of the 19/45th East African Rifles.

The Britsh Army did have special defence classes against natives armed with fresh fruit. Check out the techniques here.