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Ultimate Farce

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Julian dear, whats my motivation again? ... oh yes ... WE'RE FECKIN NAILS! ... is that ok love?

Hard-hitting military drama at its finest, and a true reflection of what life in the regiment is really like. This is essential viewing for anyone considering a step towards the careers office... not! How this drivel was commissioned in the first place is beyond comprehension, never mind subsequent series.

Actor Ross Kemp plays Sergeant Henno Garvie of Red Troop - a 'right on' multi-culti, mixed sex unit of Britain's elite SAS. Garvie is old school (as is his tolerant Boss), and is dismayed by the lithe, chisel-jawed young bucks usurping his crown - or something like that. In a nutshell, it's Eastenders meets Soldier Soldier, and as Red Troop is unisex in every sense, it's also the ideal opportunity for gratuitous cheb shots in the mixed showers - just like the ones next to The Boathouse in H.

Fine viewing. Rent it today.