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US Rangers

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"Rangers Lead The Way!!"

The unoriginal spam SF unit which set the trend for wank spam copies of our SF (see Delta Force). Created in World War 2 as a clone of British Commandos and resurrected in Korea and Vietnam (that time permanently).

U.S. Rangers come in two flavours:

The 75th Infantry Regiment (Rangers)

The 75th is the full-time complement of airborne light infantry under the command of USSOCOM. Its three battalions make it tiny by US standards (there are over 6,000 Navy SEALs).

One battalion is always on 18 hours standby for deployment. It could be faster, but it takes them hours to find all their Gucci kit.

Their role is primarily direct action (as opposed to US Army SF 'Green Berets' whose main job is to train local forces). Deploying using wide ranging aviation assets, mostly from 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment - the 'Night Stalkers'.

Taking enemy held airfields is another of their party pieces (think II Sqn RAF Regiment - both in role and in the Gucci kit/'big three' type shenanigans).

Famed for being shot at by 'skinnies' in Mogadishu (TF Ranger) and kicking the civvies out of the Duty Free lounge, then changing the name, of Baghdad International. Not forgetting the live TV rescue of Jessica Lynch from those evil doctors who actually saved her life (along with Delta Force and the SEALs). Not as Bad as TF777, but a close second for Blue on Blues and shooting up weddings in down town Baggers.

Ranger School

The second type of Ranger are those who have completed Ranger School and get a 'Ranger' tab on their BDUs. This is an all arms course and taken by many throughout the US military. (There was an attempt to get all US infantryofficers through Ranger School, but that failed). This allows spam soldiers to wander around with a slight feeling of smugness and to 'walt it up' a bit.

The best way to think of Rangers and Ranger School is to think of RM Commandos and the All Arms Commando Course, not surprising thinking about their shared history.

It is boasted by Rangers that one in four people fail the course, meaning that they must be elite. Few people point out to them that AACC and P Company normally have one in five PASS, and we don't consider them Special Forces. All in all, elite as far as Spam units go. For the rest of the world, about above average infantry.