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US Army

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Self Explanatory, really! US Army means "the United States Army".

You will be assimilated ... or shot at a lot!

Spam version of the British Army. Except much bigger, with better kit although they are disturbing poor at aiming.

I suppose that you are wondering why this page title is all capital letters? Well to tell the truth, it's reflects the size of their army; over one million in manpower.

The US Army is just there to be used to tidy up the mess of battle after the US Marines have 'kicked ass'. All of them now get to wear the elite 'black beret' of the Rangers ... because they felt left out! (think issuing SAS berets to REMFs cause they feel a bit snubbed!)

They wear all manner of kit in Iraq, with their German style helmets and stormtrooper esque sunglasses, look rather more agressive than the British Tom. (In US Army doctrine, Hearts and Minds are things to aim at rather than things to win!)

In fact the US army operate more aircraft then the RAF, which rather puts things in perspective (although to be honest, due to labour defence cuts, my local model flying club has more aircraft the the RAF).


you could be American army personnel talking real slow like to a marine, tarzan fashion..... us ... army ... you ... marine!

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