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US Marine Corps

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A branch of the US armed services formed on 10 November 1775, to stop the British from attacking merchant vessels, they are the only branch of the armed forces to have red white and blue in their uniform. They are the 'President's Corps' which means they can be called to action at any time - with or without an Act of Congress or Act of War.

Not to be confused with the far superior, more professional and tremendously more sexually deviant Royal Marines.

Two Points of View

Their Own

The Spearhead of the U.S. military: first one in, first one shot. Unlike the the Special Forces (SEALS, ET, Combat Controllers etc.) they don't have to ride the short bus. They can kick any other branches' ass simply because they are highly trained killers and have their own air arm that better kitted out than most NATO countries' air forces. Always faithful to Corps and Country. A highly-prided family of few who won every great war there was.

And to all Semper Fi!

Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Essential, SIR!

Everyone Else's

A group of high school dropouts that desperately wants to be like the infantry. Organization and organic weapon systems suited for a shock force only; the US Marine Corps is commonly used as a conventional infantry force and subsequently manages to take more casualties than their infantry counterparts. Marines are too arrogant to be called "soldiers" and too stupid to take cover when a fire-fight starts.

US Marines were accused of several hundred atrocities during the war in Vietnam, details of most are still kept under lock and key. This pattern appears to be repeating in Iraq as these assault minded infantry are used for policing. They seem ill-suited to the task (of being a target for snipers and roadside bombs) their shaved ape president demands of them.

While on leave/civvy street/out in town, US Marines (usually in big groups) hang around public places in thier parade uniforms sometimes topped off with tinted aviator shades to add the glamour deliberatly approach giggling females in An Officer and a Gentleman/Top Gun bar scene fashion.

On the bright side, at least it sorts out the fuckwits so the US Army doesn't have to.


Also known as:

  • Leatherneck
  • Jarhead
  • Marine
  • Grunt
  • Devil Dog
  • Ministers of Death
  • Praying for War.
  • Latrines or Gyrenes
  • Uncle Sam's Mexican Corps
  • The Accused
  • Un Suitable Military Combatants