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Mixed martial arts competiton in an octagonal cage - the Octagon. Combines the nastiest bits of jiu-jitsu, thai boxing, boxing, greek wrestling and Muay Thai.

As close as we get in the modern western world to the gladiators of ancient Rome.

Rules are minimal no biting, no gouging, no kneeing your opponent in the head whiles he's on the ground but after that its all pretty much fair game!

Winning pretty much falls into the classic 'make the bugger tap' (submission) or knock the motherfecker out (KO or TKO). This can be done by

  • stand up (sort of martial art boxing),
  • grab an arm/leg/head and bend it the wrong way usually while lying on the ground till he gives up,
  • ground and pound - take opponent to the floor then sit on his chest and beat him senseless.

One day will probably replace (the corrupt and fragmented) sport of boxing.