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Type 45

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Big, scary boat (yes, I use boat deliberately - a "ship" or "shipping" is a RLC excuse for losing something, as in: "Its on the ship..." or "Its on the shipping list....")

This collosal (see RN website) vessel is supposed to be able to shoot down something the size of a cricket ball, moving at 3 times the speed of sound....don't play cricket/football/rugby nearby.

First vessel named HMS Daring. Seeing as the Royal Navy have a thing of naming the first of a new class after the current First Sea Lord, it should have been "HMS Darling". This rather dangerous effort must have been spotted by someone in the Army because the Navy would have loved it.

Designed to complement the Future Carrier.

Probably already obsolete since it was designed when the Red Banner Fleet was just itching to race into the North Atlantic and show the hated west the error of its decadent ways. Now likely to be about as much use as a hamster wheel in the bath... and that goes for the future carrier as well.


  1. Flight deck to take Lynx or Merlin combat helicopter
  2. Navigation radar
  3. Long-range radar monitors air and surface threats
  4. Communications mast
  5. Small-calibre gun
  6. Multi-function radar can guide ship's missiles and detect enemy ones
  7. Gunfire control system
  8. Vertical-launching system for short- and long-range missiles
  9. Medium-calibre main gun
  10. Bow sonar (under keel)