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Type 22 Frigate

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Please dont sink me, I'm expensive!

The Type 22 frigate was at one time the largest class of frigates in the Royal Navy, however as we reduce the surface fleet due to the declining need for a Navy as the world is now a better place since the Cold War finished most have been sold off.

There are four T22 Batch 3 class frigates left, Cornwall Cumberland, Chatham and Campletown. They are heavily armed, able to support a small battlestaff and used as general purpose frigates.

The most famous of the T22s is HMS CORNWALL, for reasons we don’t need to dwell on here.

They are armed with a 4.5inch gun, Seawolf anti missile system, Harpoon anti ship and a 30mm Goalkeeper auto gun system. They can carry helos, normally a Lynx.

The ship’s company are nice people and if you ask nicely will invite you on board for a tour. Just flash your ID card... if you dont have an ID card, expect unpleasantness with marigolds followed by an enforced holiday in Cuba.