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Two Barkers

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On describing a lady that one has seen, in a pub for instance, and one can clearly see the body is pretty fit, but on turning around one can also see that the face is that of a bulldog licking piss off a thistle.

Explanation : Body of Sue (Barker), face of Ronnie (Barker).

"Check that fine filly out Ginger - she is scrumbodious! Look at the taught lines and the huge breasticals! I think I will have get some of that action this evening."

"Hold on Wing Commander, she is turning around. Let's see what the boat race is like before you jump in bally ho!"

"Sweet Baby Jesus and the orphans, she is a Two Barkers, lucky escape there Ginger!"

"What Oh Sir! Now shut up and get the Pimms in, it's your round!"

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